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FREE Online Class: 7 Steps to Successfully Marketing Your Coaching /Creative Business

Discover what successful coaches already know about marketing their products and services online.
In this 60 minute online class you will learn a proven 7-step formula to finding your profitable clients, generating leads, converting them and delivering a great experience.
Once you learn this system you can apply it over and over again – all you have to do is press play and reap the rewards!

“I’m more fired up and excited about my future” 



FREE Guidebook: The Successful Lady Boss

You know how some women seem to have it all?

Well, there is a logical explanation.

It all comes down to dreaming big, having a clear vision, and then taking the right strategic steps to make it all happen.

This FREE guidebook gives you the A-Z of what it takes to build an online brand.

You’ll learn how to set goals the lady boss way! Take control, be better at decision making, take strategic actions, get more done in less time. Find out how to develop a success plan to help you be on track for a productive year.

“ I feel more excited and focused about my goals, I have a new perspective about my business”

Kay Life


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360 Sales Mastery

Online course: Self-study or Guided Learning

Become a sales superstar without the fear of being pushy or salesy!

Learn how to communicate and earn what you are worth and feel empowered when communicating what you offer.

This intensive short course is based on a proven methodology and is designed to give you confidence in pitching your products and services.

You will have access to a collection of sales training resources, call scripts, techniques, tools and cheat sheets – and much more! – to help you sell your digital products online easily.

Online Business Masterclass Workshops

Early bird price: $75 AUD

RRP: $89 AUD

These Masterclass Workshops are highly practical and interactive, so space is limited to 20 students

Our online Business Masterclass Workshops are designed to give you the best online learning experience, so you can reach your business goals faster.

The Business Masterclass Workshops will run from 90-120 minutes and have been designed to let you implement what you learn right away.

You will be given workbooks and other relevant training material in advance, and you will need to work through these on your own before the workshop. This will give you a basic understanding of the topic and means that you will be able to get maximum benefit from engaging with the coach during the live session.

“I just had a great session”! With my Coach. Angie balances practical considerations like organizing your schedule with the deep mental/ emotional/ spiritual issues we entrepreneurs tend to get held back with. Thank you so much Angie!”

Melissa Durgin



Cultivate a success mindset: Taking 100% responsibility for your results!

Productivity and planning for success In 90 days

How to pitch your products and offerings: making those sales calls

How to run a webinar

How to fill an online training room

Persuasive copywriting

Launching your online products

What it takes to be an outstanding brand

Putting together a simple sales funnel

If there are any topics you would like us to cover in these masterclasses, please contact us and we’ll do our best to add them.

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