Empowering women to transform their lives through entrepreneurship.

WCBI’s mission is to empower women through personal development and entrepreneurship to have financial freedom and create a life they love.

We want to help you become the best you can be, doing what you love – and making a difference while you do it.

We aim to change as many women’s lives as we can through online programmes, mentoring, support, community and friendship. We’ll help you design the business – and the life – that you desire.

WCBI works exclusively with creative entrepreneurs, holistic healers and wellness coaches.

These are the areas our founder Angie knows best.

Our 5 values to live by…

Be courageous

Believe that you CAN do it. you are capable. You are the creator – don’t let anyone else decide the course of your life. Face your fears and do it anyway. You have all the resources within you. With a courageous mind, anything is possible.

Have fun

Yes, owning a business is hard work, but with you as the boss, it should be anything but boring! We make it a point to be unique, quirky and fun. Do it your way! Bring lion-heartedness into what you do. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs for cheerleading support, laughs, happy dances and celebration!

Embrace freedom

Freedom to do things YOUR way!

Freedom to dream crazy-big!

Freedom to pursue what fuels your soul!

Freedom from the 9-5 cubicle life!

Freedom to be hungry for success!

Freedom from mediocrity!

Freedom to say ‘yes’ to you!

Freedom to give yourself permission and to be excited about your life!


Be completely authentic. Be vulnerable. Be you. Deliver value with integrity and honesty. Successful people accept responsibility for results and non-results in their lives. We don’t blame, we don’t quit – we find the way, together as a community.

Seek the extraordinary

Embrace the different, the non-traditional, the uncertain. Let excellence be your model – there’s nothing ordinary about us or you! Stand up for the incredible being you always have been. Be determined to be the best you can be.

Angie Singh, WCBI Founder

Angie started the Women’s Coaching Business Institute to help women realise their potential and create fulfilling, balanced lives through entrepreneurship. She has personally experienced how taking control of her life and starting a business can be liberating, empowering and transformative.

Angie has 15 years of corporate sales experience, achieving $500k in sales for companies. Her entrepreneurial journey started in 1999. She has been coaching since 2010 and started her own business in 2013. Angie holds several qualifications, including certification in life and business coaching from The Coaching Institute, and in NLP and hypnosis.

When she’s not working, you’ll find Angie enjoying the outdoors with her family, reading up about personal development and psychology, singing, experimenting with recipes, doing happy dances, and catching up on Netflix. She lives in Sydney with her children.